Australis Ensemble

Touring Germany 17 May – 2 June 2014: 6 concerts with Zupforchesters and BDZ EuroFestival 2014 performance, Bruchsal on 30 May

About the Tour

The Australis Ensemble is a group of 21 musicians from Australia and 2 musicians joining us from Canada, led by multi-instrumentalist, composer and conductor Stephen Lalor, and 3 voluntary administrative staff to facilitate our tour process – 26 in total.   Musicians range in age from 25 to 70, give or take a few years.  While some are professional musicians, composers and music teachers, most of us are amateur musicians with a passion for the Zupforchester (plucked-string orchestra) medium, and we all play in and/or are Musical Directors of our own local ‘Zupforchester’ in Australia and Canada.

Our Australis members play in Australian mandolin ensembles located in the ACT (Canberra), NSW (Sydney), Queensland (Brisbane), Victoria (Melbourne) and WA (Perth).  Our Canadian colleagues hail from Vancouver where their mandolin orchestra is most famous for their Russian repertoire although they play many other genres.

TAE will be touring Germany in May 2014 to give six public concerts together with six local ‘Zupforchester’, from 17 to 25 May.  TAE will then travel to Bruchsal, home to the prestigious 2014 international Bund Deutscher Zupfmusiker (BDZ) Eurofestival.  This plucked-string instrument festival is held every 4 years in Germany and attracts hundreds of performers and thousands of visitors over 4 days from 29 May to 1 June.  TAE will be performing at the BDZ Festival on Friday 30 May at 2.30pm in the Rechbergsaal, Am Alten Schloss, Bruchsal.

On the pages of this Australis Ensemble website, Tourers will find information about the German orchestras we’ll be visiting, our accommodation, transport, excursions and so on.  As well as Info Bulletins emailed at intervals to Tourers, and emails to hosting orchestras as the planning proceeds, confirmed and finalised information will be uploaded to the pages on this website – providing Tour participants with a storehouse of important documents and communications – Info Bulletins, Tour sheet music etc.

The Australis Ensemble Facebook page ( ) will give participants a means of sharing information, pictures and anecdotes about the Tour with each other and with friends and family.


Tour Daily Schedule (for Tourers)


Host Orchestras – Combined Rehearsal & Concert Schedules

NOTE: Australis Ensemble rehearsal times are given in the Tour Daily Schedule.  Any additional rehearsals scheduled by the conductor will be advised in the Daily Group Meeting.



BDZ Eurofestival Festival Program:

The program has been uploaded to the EuroFestival site

Eurofestival Program 2014-1

To download program as a PDF

Eurofestival 2014 – Program

Please note

  • VENUE CHANGE: Our Australis Ensemble performance venue has changed from the Stadtkirche to the BZ Rechbergsaal.  The concert start time – 14:30 (2.30pm) on Friday 30 May – remains the same.  Our Concert has three performers; the AE goes on third.
  • BDZ OPENING CONCERT: Starts at 10:30 on Thursday 29 May at the BZ Rechbergsaal, at the Bürgerzentrum, Am Alten Schloß, Bruchsal
  • BDZ CLOSING CONCERT: Starts at 11:00 on Sunday 1 June at the BZ Rechbergsaal
  • LUNCH BREAK: Thurs, Fri and Sat from 11.30 – 13:45 (lunches provided as part of your Festival ticket)
  • DINNER BREAK: Thurs, Fri and Sat from 17.00 – 19:15 (dinners provided as part of your Festival ticket)
  • PLEKTRA: Stephen’s ensemble Plektra is playing on Saturday 31 May at 13:00 at the Open-air Stage
  • NAME: The New American Mandolin Ensemble (our friend from FAME Festivals, guitarist, mandolinist and conductor Mark Davis is NAME’s Director) is playing in the Opening Concert.
  • LOOK: on the BDZ Program for anyone else you know and mark their peformance times!




Sessenbach Concert Poster Plakat_Welt_zeit-Reise.indd.pdf  Schloss Bruchsal – Bruchsal CastleSchloss Bruchsal - Bruchsal Castle


Itinerary Map

Itinerary Map courtesy of Rob Kay

Mannheim Concert

Our concert at Mannheim with the  Mandolinata Mannheim




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